HRGBFC-Pipe And Sheet Integrated Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
HRGBFC-Pipe And Sheet Integrated Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
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  • HRGBFC-pipe and sheet integrated fiber laser cutting machine is a low-power, single-table and semi-closed fiber laser cutting machine. It is a dual-purpose machine for pipe and sheet. It can cut both pipe and sheet. It is generally equipped with domestic fiber laser and domestic fiber laser cutting head. It is an economical and cost-effective fiber laser cutting equipment.

X Axis Effective Distance


X Axis Quickly Positioning Speed


Y Axis Effective Distance


Y Axis Quickly Positioning Speed


Z Axis Effective Distance


Z Axis Quickly Positioning Speed


Tube Diameter


Square Pipe Side Length


X/Y Axis Positioning Accuracy


X/Y Axis Repeated Positioning Accuracy


Z Axis Positioning Accuracy


Z Axis Repeated Positioning Accuracy


Fiber Laser Power


Note: Processing range can be customized according to requirements
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