HRGS-Gantry CNC Cutting Machine
HRGS-Gantry CNC Cutting Machine
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  • HRGS-gantry CNC cutting machine is the most widely used machine in metal sheet cutting industry. It is a high efficiency and high precision cutting equipment for hot cutting. It is a mechanical and joint movement of oxygen and gas. It can be transformed into cutting program by software according to the requirements of drawings. It is controlled by CNC system to cut all kinds of high precision parts with complicated shape (bevel edge, the combination of the circular, the circular arc curve shape and so on).
    The series of products can be customized according to the actual production needs to choose different span, rail length and number of cutting torches. If there are higher requirements, you can refer to the desktop CNC plasma cutting machine series.



Effective Cutting Width


Rail Length


Effective Cutting Length

Rail Length-2000mm

Flame Cutting Speed


Flame Cutting Thickness


Plasma Cutting Speed

According To Parameters Of Plasma Power Supply

Plasma Cutting Thickness

According To Parameters Of Plasma Power Supply

Quickly Positioning  Speed


Longitudinal Drive Mode

Servo Bilateral Drive

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