HRTSQ-Desktop CNC Plasma Cutting Machine
HRTSQ-Desktop CNC Plasma Cutting Machine
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  • HRTSQ-desktop CNC plasma cutting machine is the most widely used machine in the field of high-precision plate cutting. Compared with HRGS-gantry CNC plasma cutting machine, it has faster cutting speed, higher cutting quality and exhaust and dust removal device in the frame. It adopts an integrated bed structure and adopts servo bilateral drive and linear guide in longitudinal direction. The machine has the advantages of compact and beautiful shape, small inertia of cross beam, smooth operation, fast cutting speed and high cutting precision. The cutting surface quality is close to the laser cutting effect. Optional function can be chosen to cut 1:1 fine round holes of sheet metal with thickness of 6 mm or more according to the actual needs.
    Circular tube cutting function can be chosen in this series of products according to the actual needs, that is, customized pipe and sheet integrated machine.

Effective Cutting Width


Effective Cutting Length


X/Y Axis  Positioning Accuracy


X/Y Axis Repeated Positioning Accuracy


Plasma Cutting Speed

According To Parameters Of Plasma Power Supply

Plasma Cutting Thickness

According To Parameters Of Plasma Power Supply

Quickly Positioning  Speed


Longitudinal Drive Mode

Servo Bilateral Drive

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