Company Culture
  • Quality is the foundation of enterprise survival
    Innovation is the impetus of enterprise development
    Customer satisfaction is the eternal pursuit of the enterprise

Quality is the foundation of enterprise survival and development

  • Nature selects The fittest survive

  • Today's world is an open world, the waves of development are turbulent, and entrepreneurship awareness is overwhelming, an enterprise want to ride the storm in the competition, and in an invincible position, by what? Relying on excellent product quality.

The Core Values

  • Self-Discipline and Social Commitment

  • "Self-Discipline" means we should be full of passion, have creative spirit and great ambitions in our daily work, and go to prettify our morality to be pioneer. "Social Commitment" is that we should have the virtue like the earth offer nutrition. Only prettify our morality we can obtain what we needed. Particularly, we must use "Benevolence, Credit, Loyalism, Forgiveness, Etiquette, Commonweal, Integrity and Shame-awareness" the eight words to modify our behavior.

Research and Development

  • Go deep into the market Dare to be the first

  • The innovation of the products cannot be separated from the market demand, we only have to go deep into the market that we can find the opportunity for improvement and innovation of products in use. And then go ahead of others to promote the industrial technology to be more green and intelligent.

Manufacture Management

  • Keep on improving No best, only better

  • Manufacturing is an important process of production. We enhance our manufacturing management every day, focus on every detail in process of production in order to improve efficiency, obtain flawless products as well.

Quality Management

  • Tough quality Continuous improvement

  • Quality is the foundation and morality of the products. It is necessary for us to supervise the whole production process related to quality by strict standard and management, and then to own an excellent performance in products quality by our continuous improvement.

The Mission

  • In the pursuit of all the staffs' happiness in material and spiritual aspects at the same time, providing world-class automatic welding and cutting equipment

The Vision

  • Build a ceaseless self-improvement teams of innovation

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